Science Nation - Teens and Stress

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Ever wonder what is going on in the mind of a teenager, especially one who is stressed out? UCLA Psychologist Adriana Galvan is on a quest to find out. With support from the National Science Foundation, she's investigating the effects of daily stress on a teen's cognition and brain function. She is monitoring the daily stress of teens by having them carry a personal digital device that provides daily measures of stress over two weeks. She is also scanning their brains and measuring their...

Robert Goldberg at the DOE JGI 2012 Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting

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Robert Goldberg of UC Los Angeles on "Using Genomics to Dissect Seed Development" on March 21, 2012 at the 7th Annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting in Walnut Creek, Calif.

Matteo Pellegrini on "Annotation of Plant Genomes using RNA-seq Data"

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Matteo Pellegrini from University of California, Los Angeles presents at the JGI/Argonne HPC Workshop on January 25, 2010.