Chromophore Formation in the Green Fluorescent Protein

submitted by: dgurnon
This animation depicts the reaction of a 3-amino acid sequence within GFP to produce a cyclic chromophore, the source of the protein's fluorescence. The starting conformation and finished cyclic chromophore are representations of actual crystal structures of GFP. Created using UCSF Chimera, Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects software.

Regulatin' Genes

submitted by: tomcfad
This parody of Jay-Z's "Money Ain't a Thang" explores the wonderful world of developmental biology. Made for Human Biology 3A at Stanford University. Lyrics (shown below) by Tom McFadden, performance by Tom and Derrick Davis, cameo by Bob Siegel, and edited by Jake Wachtel. Derrick: In the dorsal or ventral, making proteins, Top down - secreting out, regulatin’ genes. Tom: Here we go in the embryo - asymmetry. From the egg sac, holler back regulatin' genes. Jigga I don’t...

Vitamin D Deficiency "Reading between the genes"

submitted by: clownfish
Short video about vitamin D deficiency and how recent human evolution of skin color has played a role.

La hipoxia y Las Alturas: Leyendo Entre Los Genes

submitted by: clownfish
Este video describe la hipoxia y el proceso de adaptación a las alturas.

Synaptic Cleft

submitted by: tomcfad
This parody of Wu-Tang Clan's "Gravel Pit" was made for Human Biology 4A's unit on Neuroscience. The unit is taught by Russ Fernald (who is featured on his bicycle). Lyrics are below, followed by the cast. Video edited by Jake Wachtel. SARAH TONIN (Chorus): Check out the synaptic cleft. where, thanks to vesicular trafficking, a neuronal signal can be transmitted from electrical to chemical and back again. METHYL MAN: Ha! Enter into the land if the nerve, where firing of wiring will...

Fencing Flamingos

submitted by: davisoma
This is a 7-minute film which follows the work of Marita Davison, a PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University. Specifically, this film looks at the unique methodologies needed to study flamingos in the rugged High-Andes of Bolivia.

Hypoxia and adaptation to altitude: Reading Between the Genes

submitted by: MarkShriver
Short video with interviews discussing the process of adapting to the low oxygen content found at high altitude.

Pressure bomb

submitted by: schulzbu
This video is a visual 10 step instruction manual how to use a pressure bomb for measuring water pressure in the xylem of transpiring leaves. It is geared towards undergraduate students working in plant physiology labs as well as viewers who are interested in plant biology. Water in the xylem is under negative pressure. This tension can be measured by a “pressure bomb”. Tension pressure in a non-transpiring leaf is “equivalent” to water potential of cells surrounding the xylem...

Aggregation of mouse fetal cells on a NAN nanofiber insert.

submitted by: Arjumond
Visualization of the formation of multiple small punctate areas of aggregation across the surface of a NAN nanofiber insert. Early passage mouse fetal cells in suspension were injected into a Sykes-Moore chamber containing a NAN nanofiber insert. The cells attached to the nanofiber insert and were observed for seven days using time-lapse videomicrography. Cell cultures growing on NAN nanofiber inserts behave differently from such behavior on SAN nanofiber inserts, both of which provide a...

Time lapse videomicrography of the life cycle of Dictostelium

submitted by: Arjumond
Distinct stages of Dictyostelium discoideum life cycle can be seen. As the video starts there is a wave of bacterial growth across the agar. From the implantation site of the spores, you can see the myxamoeba migrating out consuming the E.coli. As the E.coli is consumed you can see a clearing in the agar after which the myxamoeba using chemical signaling form multicellular slugs. The slugs can be seen migrating across the field of view, with the formation of a sorocarp in the upper right...