Greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies - Transportation planning in San Diego

submitted by: w5wong
California has been one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emission in the United States; and the majority of greenhouse gas emission is from the transportation sector. In response to the greenhouse gas emission reduction required in the California Environmental Quality Act, the City of San Diego Environmental Service and Planning Department are currently developing a Sustainable Community Program and Climate Action Plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emission in San Diego Region.

Equity in Transportation Planning: Collaboration Organizing

submitted by: adawson

Senior Research Project on Equity in Transportation Planning: Collaboration Organizing Strategies

Developing Efficient and Sustainable Transportation Systems in San Diego

submitted by: erickserrano
As the world continues to develop and resources continually become scarce, alternatives to sustain the American way of life have become more important than ever. The American transportation system has become increasingly dependent on one mode of transportation, the personal automobile. Throughout the 20th century the American transit system of the postwar boom developed in favor of the automobile, especially in the sprawling cities of the west coast, like San Diego. The developed...

Multimodal Transit: Transit Center Policy and Implementation

submitted by: mcouvrette

This study provides an evaluation of the San Diego Association of
Government’s (SANDAG) long range regional transit plan contained in San
Diego Regional Transportation Plan: Pathways of the Future 2030. More
specifically, the project addresses the policy and implementation of
multimodal transit systems.

Transportation in Rio de Janeiro: Sustainable Development and the 2016 Olympic Games

submitted by: mpashayi
Sustainability in developing countries is an issue gaining an increasing interest from the international community. This research project examines the upcoming development in Rio de Janeiro as the 2016 Olympic Games catalyze major urban changes to its physical environment. The study focuses on transportation planning and how the population will be affected as the federal, state, and municipal governments work with private companies to implement projects that improve the current...

The Effects of the MTS SuperLoop on UCSD-generated traffic

submitted by: NickFung

Measuring the effect of the MTS SuperLoop on car and shuttle traffic to UCSD

Urgency For Inter-City Railway System In Southern California

submitted by: arkbleu

Southern California has always been a place planned 'for the automobile'. That is to say that that the sole focus of Southern California's transportation planning is to develop transportation infrastructures such as widening freeways or building more freeways to improve the regional transportation mobility and as well as planning residential zones horizontally so that citizens have to drive a long distance before they can get to their workplace.