Electronic, Optical, and Thermal Transport Properties of GaN Nanowires

submitted by: icamvid

A. A. Talin gives a talk at the ICAMET 07 conference about nanowire growth, electrical transport, photoluminescence leading to growth and thermal transport.

Charge Transport in Dendrimers

submitted by: icamvid

K. Knights gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about charge transport in OLEDs, dendrimer definition, and charge transport in biphenyl dendron and carbozole dendrons.

Control of Ultrafast Energy Transport in Photosynthetic Light Harvesting

submitted by: icamvid

Wendel Wohlleben gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about the light harvesting dynamics at low and high energy regime and SRS enhancing Tannor-Rice-Control on Carotenoid.

Humidity Dependence of Charge Transport in Melanin

submitted by: icamvid

Bernard Mostert gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference proposing that at ambient conditions melanin is not an organic semiconductor and that protons are the charge carrier.

Photo-Induced Mass Transport

submitted by: icamvid

Robert McLoel gives a talk at the LC2CAM 08 conference about photochemical mass transport, applications, and advanced materials.

Sustainable harvesting, delivery and transport systems for Polyscias nodosa) in a coconut-malapapaya agroforestry scheme

submitted by: UP Los Baños
A report on the project done in order to determine the cost-effective and ecologically-sound harvesting, delivery and transport systems for Malapapaya. Specifically, the project aimed to (1) characterize different Malapapaya production and harvesting sites; (2) determine productivity and cost factors of various harvesting, delivery and transport systems for Malapapaya; (3) compare productivity and costs of the various systems; (4) assess indicative ecological impacts of the various systems;...

Carlink Celtic Event Video

submitted by: jamal.toutouh

Celtic Event video presentation about CARLINK PROJECT. The main purpose is to develop an intelligent wireless traffic service platform between cars supported by wireless technologies (VANETs).
Author - Jamal Toutouh -
Jamal Toutouh

Biology of Plants

submitted by: scivee-team

An overview of the process of photosynthesis and the biology of plants - function, reproduction and life.

How it's Made: Bread

submitted by: scivee-team

The origin of bread and how it is made: from mixing the ingredients to shipping it out for consumption.Looks at the evolution of bread and how it became a staple of modern diet.