Effect of traffic measures on air quality around the E313 motorway, Belgium

submitted by: Swa De Schutter

The E313 motorway between Liège and antwerp is one of the biggest links in the Belgian road network. In the direction of Antwerp, traffic jams and accidents are frequent. Variable speed limit gantries and detector loops were installed every 750 meters. When a traffic jam is detected, the speed limit is gradually reduced on the upstream motorway section. This poster describes the effect of these measures on the air quality

Pedestrian Safety

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Authors: G.a. Smith

Web 2.0 Panel

submitted by: dougramsey

A discussion with Brian Dear from Eventful.com, Seth Greenberg from Intuit.com and Turbotax, and Seth Sternberg from Meebo.com on Web 2.0, online enterpreneurship, user communities, advertising, technology and communication.

ScienceFlash 21 - 7 maart 2008

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ScienceFlash aflevering 21 met o.a. hoe een file onstaat,
dode spin heeft meer seks, boren op Groenland en nieuwste model vrachtwagen voor op de maan.
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