Nuclear envelope starts with a clean sheet

submitted by: JCB
At the start of mitosis, the nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complexes break down and disperse into the endoplasmic reticulum and cytoplasm. Lu et al. use rapid, 3D live cell imaging to reveal that, in contrast to previous models, the nuclear envelope reforms directly from ER cisternae after mitosis and that this happens before nuclear pore complexes start to reassemble. This biosights episode presents the paper by Lu et al. from the August 8, 2011, issue of The Journal of Cell Biology,...

How the ER shapes up and ships out

submitted by: JCB
The endoplasmic reticulum is a complex network of interconnected membrane tubules and cisternae. West et al. use electron tomography to reveal the full diversity of ER structures present in budding yeast and how these structures pass from the mother cell into the bud. This biosights episode presents the paper by West et al. from the April 18, 2011, issue of The Journal of Cell Biology, and includes an interview with senior author Gia Voeltz (University of Colorado, Boulder). Produced by...

The mean acinar volume shows a much lager increase than the total lung volume

submitted by: habi

Talk given at the USGEB-Meeting 2011

Thin Septa and Large Samples

submitted by: habi

Talk given at a Meeting with Novartis

Cellular and Functional Optical Coherence Tomography of the Human Retina (The Cogan Lecture)

submitted by: arvojenny
An imaging modality that allows for fast, simultaneous, noninvasive probing of both three-dimensional (3D) cellular resolution retinal morphology and depth-resolved function could substantially improve the early diagnosis of various retinal diseases that are the leading causes of blindness worldwide and could contribute to a better understanding of retinal pathogenesis and enhanced therapy monitoring. In addition to user friendliness, reliability, and cost, the key technological parameters...
Authors: Wolfgang Drexler

High resolution tomographic imaging of the alveolar region of the mammalian lung

submitted by: habi

The video is an overview of my work in the last 3.75 years at the Institute of Anatomy. It was the talk I gave as my PhD-Defense. My main work was the radiation-optimized increase in the field of view of tomographic imaging stations, thus most of the time of my talk was spent on this.

Small Pixels for Large Samples

submitted by: habi

My talk at the SLS Symposium "Tomography @ TOMCAT" on the 3. November 2009.

a High-Resolution Three-Dimensional View Of The Developing Acinus

submitted by: habi

My second year examination for the PhD Programme in Cellular and Biomedical Sciences