Translation Workflow Development using Mass Spectrometry

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
Mary Lopez, Ph.D. discusses translational workflows developed by the BRIMS center, designed to address all aspects of proteomics, from biomarker discovery to developing more routine applications using mass spectrometry. The workflows can be divided into two different types-- discovery and targeted. High-resolution mass spectrometry instruments are used during the discovery phase to analyze complex biological samples in an effort to uncover new biomarkers by looking at differential abundance....

San Jose Facility Now Registered as Medical Device Establishment

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific's San Jose, California facility registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device establishment. The site has established a quality system in accordance with the FDA Quality System Regulations to design and manufacture devices for analyzing samples from patients for in vitro diagnostic use.

Thermo Continuing to Ramp Up Spectroscopy Offerings

submitted by: PharmaMfg

Thermo Fisher took the opportunity of Pittcon 2009 to promote its expanded capabilities in LC/MS, as well as in Raman, IR, and NIR. Global VP Ian Jardine gets technical with Emil Ciurczak about the new offerings, and about software upgrades such as automatic calibration.