Revolutionary Advancement in Membrane Filtration Sample Preparation for Biotech Industry

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Photonic BioSystems, Inc. unveils game-changing microbiological testing technology. The versatile, enclosed filtration cartridge-based sample preparation technique is expected to change the paradigm of membrane filtration sample testing. Video Contents: 0:00 Filter system design explained 1:50 How the filtration system works: exemplary sample processing 4:40 Small volume samples 5:55 The filter system does what In-line filter cartridges cannot do 7:20 Variations on the...

Does she/he really need Thyroid Replacement Therapy?

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Jim Paoletti, RPh, FAARFM, Director of Provider Education at ZRT Laboratory, talks about underlying causes of hypothyroidism and correct thyroid replacement therapy administration.

What Is Cardiometabolic Risk?

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In this informative interview, Dr. Sanjay Kapur, Scientific Director at ZRT Laboratory, explains what cardiometabolic risk and cardio metabolic syndrome are, and how routine screening helps physicians and patients to make better clinical decisions to manage care. Read more from Dr. Kapur on his blog at

Inca: User Level Grid Monitoring presented by Shava Smallen

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Shava Smallen, the lead grid computing programmer for Inca, discusses how Inca detects Grid infrastructure problems by executing periodic, automated, user-level testing of Grid software and services. For further information see: