TeraShake: Large-scale Simulations of Earthquakes on the Southern San Andreas Fault

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Kim Olsen discusses at The 2006 Summer Computing Institute. For more information about the Summer Institute please visit: http://www.sdsc.edu/us/training/workshops/2006summerinstitute/index.html. Originally posted at SDSC's CI Channel.

TeraShake: A Southern California Earthquake Simulation

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The TeraShake simulations modeled the earth shaking that would rattle Southern California if a 230 kilometer section of the San Andreas fault ruptured producing a magnitude 7.7 earthquake. Two rupture scenarios were simulated, one rupturing from north to south, beginning near Wrightwood, California, and a second one rupturing from south to north, starting near Bombay Beach, California. To model this region, the simulations used a 3,000 by 1,500 by 400 mesh, dividing the volume into 1.8...