Joint efforts in the fight against stroke

submitted by: COMED2010

The exploration of neurovascular dysfunction and the perfection of thrombolytic therapy in stroke are two core areas of research pursued by scientists of the European Stroke Network.

Collaborative Work During Interventional Radiological Procedures Based on a Multicast Satellite-Terrestrial Network

submitted by: Lefteris Gortzis
Collaboration is a key requirement in several contemporary interventional radiology procedures (IRPs). This work proposes a multicast hybrid satellite system capable of supporting advanced IRP collaboration, and evaluates its feasibility and applicability. Following a detailed IRP requirements study, we have developed a system which supports IRP collaboration through the employment of a hybrid satellite-terrestrial network, a prototype multicast version of wavelet based interactive...
Authors: L.g. Ortzis, L. g. Papadopoulos, H. Roelofs, T. a. Rakowsky, S. Karnabatidis, D. Siablis, D. Makropoulos, C. Nikiforidis, G. Graschew