Path to Tumor Destruction

submitted by: mdanderson

Th17 sets off a chain of events that ends with custom-made killer T cells destroying tumors.

Helper T Cell Guides Killer Cells to Cancer

submitted by: mdanderson

Cancer manages to suppress or elude the body's immune system to survive and grow. Scientists at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center show this week in the journal Immunity how the helper T cell Th17 awakens the immune system to attack cancer. Senior author Chen Dong discusses the findings and their potential application for patients.

TGFß & Alzheimer's Disease

submitted by: alex01

R.A. Flavell (Yale University, New Haven, CT) discusses the role of Transforming Growth Factor ß (TGFß) in disease. In the central nervous system of a murine model of AD this cytokine appears to prevent macrophages from attacking ß-amyloid. Flavell visualizes that selective blockade of this TGFß
activity could lead to the destruction of plaques in patients with AD.