Lecture0 of BENG 212

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Lecture0 of BENG 212

Jay Keasling's keynote address at 2010 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Jay Keasling, CEO of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, delivers the opening keynote on March 24, 2010 at the 5th Annual DOE JGI User Meeting.

Multiparametric analysis of focal adhesion formation by RNAi-mediated gene knockdown

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Cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix is mediated by elaborate networks of multiprotein complexes consisting of adhesion receptors, cytoskeletal components, signaling molecules, and diverse adaptor proteins. To explore how specific molecular pathways function in the assembly of focal adhesions (FAs), we performed a high-throughput, high-resolution, microscopy-based screen. We used small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) to target human kinases, phosphatases, and migration- and adhesion-related...
Authors: Sabina Winograd-katz, Shalev Itzkovitz, Zvi Kam, Benjamin Geiger

James Galagan, Broad Instute at the DOE JGI 2009 User Meeting

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James Galagan from the Broad Institute spoke about the "Genomics and Systems Biology of TB" on March 26, 2009 during the 4th Annual User Meeting.

E-Cell simulation environment 3D: 3D visualization of cell simulation

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E-Cell Simulation Environment 3D allows 3D visualization of cell simulation experiments for systems biology studies, powered by Quartz Composer in MacOS X(Tiger). BGM is "She's Close" by The Lingus (available in creative commons license). Developed by the Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University, Japan.

The Origin of Vertebrates - Part 1: The Origin of the Vertebrate Nervous System: The Hemichordat

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Modern cell and developmental biology has a lot to contribute to our understanding of the deep history of animal origins, which until recently has been largely the province of paleontology. In this set of lectures, I hope to show how recent studies by a very small group of scientists on a virtually unknown phylum of marine organisms, the hemichordates, has helped explain some of the major mysteries of the origin of vertebrates. This is a tour of not only vertebrate origins but the...

Advances to the Biochemical, Genetic and Genomic (BiGG) Database

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The BiGG database is a widely used resource for sharing genome-scale metabolic reconstructions. BiGG integrates several published genome-scale metabolic networks into one resource with standard nomenclature which allows components to be compared across different species. Furthermore, BiGG contains links to several publicly available databases where additional information can be found and integrated. In addition, BiGG contains a customized export tool that enables the generation of SBML...

Niclas Tue Hansen Pharmacogenomics

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A visiting graduate student at Stanford University explains his research with Professor Russ Altman.