Biotechnological Approaches for Quality Control of Animal Feeds

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Documentation of the special lecture on "Biotechnological Approaches for Quality Control of Animal Feeds" by Dr. Susan Sedano, University Researcher, BIOTECH, UPLB during the 2013 Philippine Society of Animal Science Lecture Series at the Animal Science Lecture Hall on March 15, 2013.

Influenza surveillance: Should we be monitoring swine herds? (MWV38)

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Pandemic H1N1 virus may be or may soon become endemic in large modern swine confinement facilities. Despite this, there is a paucity of influenza surveillance that is currently being conducted among swine populations. Watch Dr. Jeff Fox, Features Editor for Microbe Magazine interview Dr. Gregory Gray, University of Florida, Gainesville, about the importance of conducting influenza surveillance among pigs and workers in these facilities in hopes that we might quickly detect the emergence...