Ecomindedness: Benefits of Urban SPIN Farming in the San Diego Community of North Park

submitted by: dylanjsack
The goal of this study is to show how urban small-plot intensive (SPIN) farming produces value in the San Diego community of North Park from the perspective of the community members involved, and the perspective of those who operate The Nectary, a local SPIN farm collective. Value is defined in terms of social and communal benefits, development of a land ethic, and in terms of economic viability. This is a participatory ethnographic study of three homeowners who are members of the...
Authors: Dylan Sack

It’s More Than Just Planting Seeds, Picking Beans, and Pulling Weeds

submitted by: allison_weston
Unless radical changes are made to the way the national food system interacts with the land, American agriculture will soon face a serious prospect of decline. While there is an abundance of research detailing innovative strategies working to make the national food system more sustainable, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is notably absent from this discourse. WWOOF is an organization that connects organic farms and volunteers. In exchange for farm work, WWOOF host farms...

Industrial Hemp For Oregon's Future

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submitted by: David Seber

Describes the properties and benefits of industrial hemp as an agricultural crop and multi-purpose source material for a variety of manufactured products. Testimony presented to the Oregon Legislature, Senate Commerce Committee, March 26, 2009, by David Seber, CEO of Fibre Alternatives,