Addressing the Challenge of Truly Large Scale Photovoltaics

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Addressing the Challenge of Truly Large Scale Photovoltaics: the Industrial and Thermodynamic Potentials of Organic Solar Cells In order for photovoltaic systems to ultimately provide a considerable fraction of the world’s energy needs they will need to meet a number of stringent performance metrics regarding their cost, efficiency, and robustness. In addition, they will need to be manufactured with very high throughput methods in order to realize the enormous production scales...

Pam Silver at the 2011 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Pam Silver of Harvard University on "Designing Biological Systems for Sustainability and Programmed Environmental Interface" at the 6th annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting on March 23, 2011.


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architecteruarl gaps sorting out diffeences

Developing Efficient and Sustainable Transportation Systems in San Diego

submitted by: erickserrano
As the world continues to develop and resources continually become scarce, alternatives to sustain the American way of life have become more important than ever. The American transportation system has become increasingly dependent on one mode of transportation, the personal automobile. Throughout the 20th century the American transit system of the postwar boom developed in favor of the automobile, especially in the sprawling cities of the west coast, like San Diego. The developed...

Aron Cawood

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Recent studies suggest that the number of LEED Certified architecture projects in San Diego is primarily limited by fiscal cost. This research report examines the economic costs and benefits which a LEED Certification places upon projects applying to become certified by the United States Green Building Council. The Research Strategy focuses upon several primary case studies of San Diego’s LEED certified buildings and in-depth interviews with LEED Certified architects. The analysis aims...

Visualizing Sustainability

submitted by: jayan
As the natural resources are being extensively depleted, sustainability is an issue that needs to be addressed not only at the authoritative level, but also with the general public as well, as it is a collaborative effort. As a result, this research endeavors to determine effective elements to be incorporated into the design of buildings in hopes to further the efforts of sustainability. It aims to connect the aesthetics of the building seen by the visible eye to the ideology of...

Designing for a Sustainable Future: The study of a positively promoted audit

submitted by: rleslie
This particular study focuses on reestablishing the need for a plan and design that creates a more sustainable environment within certain communities, in this case a city such as San Diego. Creating a walkable and sustainable San Diego includes incorporating the new idea of walk audits expressed through the organization Walk San Diego, helping to answer the questions: What are walk audits and how are they used to create the idea of a sustainable environment? Walk audits analyze a particular...

It Takes a Vision to Raise a Village: A Case Study of The Village at Market Creek

submitted by: Kristy Shields

This video is a short introduction to my Senior Research Project for the Urban Studies and Planning program at the University of California at San Diego.

Sustainable Design Methods and Practices for Affordable Housing

submitted by: elizajy

A comparative study of existing housing conditions in Chula Vista and approaches for a new standard of living in San Diego

LEED: Sufficient for National Policy?

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Overview of project on determining LEED's sufficiency for national policy