VHA ORD HSRD as Stakeholder

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Presenter: Merry Ward

Stakeholder Perspective: Epidemiology

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Presenter: Brian C. Sauer

Is NLP Meeting the Needs of Stakeholders

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Panel: Merry Ward, Peter Haug, Brian Sauer, Len D'Avolio


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McWeadon Education Founder Professor Badrul Khan discusses Issues in e-learning online education distance education.

Alzheimer's Disease

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Z. Khachaturian, PhD. - New approaches to the therapy of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are discussed in video interviews of this series. According to Z. Khachaturian (Potomac, MD) substantial progress has been made during the last 10 years in our understanding of pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease as well as in the discovery of biomarkers and therapeutic approaches. In addition to cholinergic drugs, inhibitors of plaque formation have been discovered, but the currently available...