The Importance of Good Colonoscopy Preparation

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Colon and prostate cancer survivor Robert Ellis talks about preparing for a colonoscopy and the importance of following your doctors' recommendations.

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Dr. G.S. Raju says "You don't want to hear, your prep was not good, we have to do it again."

Renato Lenzi, M.D., Oncologist, Colon Cancer Survivor and SCOPE honoree

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"Without regular colonoscopies and the great treatment I received at MD Anderson, I would be dead," says Renato Lenzi, M.D., clinical associate professor in GI Medical Oncology. After he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 during a screening, Lenzi endured months of treatment that included surgery, six months of chemotherapy and five weeks of chemotherapy with radiation. This cancer warrior is being recognized by his colleagues as the honoree of the 2011 Sprint for Colorectal Cancer...