Compact Growth - Model for Future Urban Development

submitted by: acko
Compact growth addresses the problems of sprawl and congestion and enhances the overall quality of life socially and environmentally. It follows an extensive measure to prevent environmental, economical and social ills within a community by witholding the values of the individual, the community and the environment. It encourages pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that incorporates mixed-use and beautifies the neighborhoods. Community development needs to direct its attention back into the...

Reintroducing Community in a Land of Sprawl

submitted by: ahirvine

This research examines the features of sprawl that have such negative impacts on community, livability, and sense of place, and commences in a comparative city analysis of policies enacted to reverse the effects of these land use patterns. Looking at the efficiency, feasibility, and cost-benefits of these programs and new theories in urban design, the aim was to find solutions for this problem that could be used in the larger context of the world.