Electrodynamic Space Thruster

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Propulsion System using a Phase-shifted Array of Transverse Impulse Drive

Space Week: Roving Mars, Part 2

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The journey of a Rover from its launch to its touchdown on Mars.

How do you get a Rover to Mars? Here's the trip from launch to touchdown.


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Voyager II, a NASA spacecraft, demystifies Saturns's rings; Further analysis of dust particle patterns (called spokes) on space images of the planet lead to the conclusion that the spokes move with Saturn's magnetic field and not sporadically.

A look back at Voyager II's incredible images of Saturn.

Space Week: Space Station and Beyond, Part 1

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Steve Robinson, a Nasa Austronaut and Carl Walz, Director of Advanced Capabilities in Exploration Systems share their amazing experiences of being in space and being able to look at Earth from the International Space Station.

For the privileged few, the view from the International Space Station is ever-changing and always amazing.

Space Week: Mars Underground, Part 2

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A discussion on the advantages of exploring Mars, the Marcian environment, the scientific development brought about by space missions and the significance the planetary research has has on humans and technological development led by Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society, Dr. Christopher McKay, a Planetary Scientist, Dr. Louis Friedman, Director of Planetary Society, and Dr. Edwards Weiler, a NASA Space Science Administrator. The president of the Mars Society makes a passionate case...

Space Week: Space Station and Beyond, Part 2

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An overview of the advantages of explorations of the planet Mars, and the commitment it entails.

A Mars mission will be an expensive, long-term endeavor, but it's a dream that inspires the next generation of space explorers.