Science is Cool

submitted by: mlchambers

This video is a music video created to discuss and encourage people to explore science.

Cool Space Science

submitted by: 753k

This video shows why science is cool. Science helps us do cool things like build spacesuits, lunar landers and all terrain rovers that allow us to explore space and other planets.

Exploring capillarity - Take your classroom into space

submitted by: cristina
Gravity has something to do with capillary action, but what? Students using ESAs 'Take Your Classroom into Space' kit and this video recorded in the weightlessness envirnoment of the ISS can now find out. The experiment was proposed by a Belgian and Italian teachers who participated to the ESA competition 'Take Your Classroom into Space'.

The Ingredients for Life - On Earth & in Space

submitted by: cristina
We are all space travellers flying around the Sun at 107,000 km per hour. Our spaceship is the Earth and our bodies have evolved to live on this amazing craft. We now have the capability of leaving planet Earth. However, if man is to live in space and travel to other planets, we must learn how to survive for long periods of time out there; we have to recreate in space the vital ingredients for life on Earth. Future space vehicles and space habitats will need advanced life support...