Vision Changes after Spaceflight Are Related to Alterations in Folate– and Vitamin B-12–Dependent One-Carbon Metabolism

submitted by: szwart
Approximately 20% (7 of 38) of astronauts on International Space Station (ISS) missions have developed measurable ophthalmic changes after flight. This study was conducted to determine if the folate– and vitamin B-12?dependent 1-carbon metabolic pathway is altered in these individuals. Since 2006, we have conducted experiments on the ISS to evaluate nutritional status and related biochemical indices of astronauts before, during, and after flight. Data were modeled to evaluate differences...
Authors: Sara R. Zwart, C. Robert Gibson, Thomas H. Mader, Karen Ericson, Robert Ploutz-Snyder, Martina Heer, Scott M. Smith

Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space

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