Fostering Partnership Between Government and Academe in the Pursuit of Renewable Energy Development

submitted by: UP Los Baños
Documentation of the seminar on "Fostering Partnership Between Government and Academe in the Pursuit of Renewable Energy Development" by Hon. Mario Marasigan, OIC Director IV, Renewable Energy Management Bureau, Department of Energy on July 24, 2013 at CEM ICOPED Auditorium, UPLB, College, Laguna. This seminar is part of CEM's 35th Foundation Day Celebrations this July 2013, with the theme “Building Business-Academe Partnerships in Entrepreneurship Towards a Vibrant Economy and...

Richard Cogdell - Bacterial Photosynthesis (MWV 069)

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Richard Cogdell is the Director of the Institute for Molecular Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Glasglow, Scotland. Richard was led to a career in studying bacterial photosynthesis by a desire to learn and understand basic photosynthesis, he "wanted to know how natured worked." In 1995, Richard's research group, in collaboration with others, used protein crystallography to determine the three dimensional structure of a light-harvesting complex from the purple bacterium,...

Science Nation - Spray-On Solar

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Have you seen those big, bulky, breakable photovoltaic cells that now collect the sun's rays? Well, what if solar energy could be harnessed using tiny collectors that could be spray painted on a roof, a wall or even a window? Find out more on this episode of Science Nation. For more Science Nation episodes, visit:

New Paradigm for Solar Energy Conservation Using Semiconductor Nanocrystals

submitted by: icamvid

Victor Kumon gives a talk at the ICAMET 07 conference about the application of carrier multiplication (generatio of multiple electron pairs by a single photon) to solar energy.

Mimicking the Light-Harvesting Processes of Nature

submitted by: icamvid

Ken Ghiggino gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about new synthetic materials that control light energy with electron transfer that mimicks photosynthesis.

Cool things to do with solar

submitted by: selrachj

using solar pv panels, charles takes us on a tour of the things he's powering with solar, including an electric motorcycle that takes him from Starbucks up into the snow on Mount Palomar.

Recovery and Reinvestment Act

submitted by: HC

Analysis of Renewable Solar Energy on a government facility


submitted by: kelemengabi

liquid mineral oil tremoconvection.

Resonance: Radio, Wineglasses, Opera Singers and Cycles

submitted by: RayTomes
Resonance is the quality of transmitting even tiny signals between systems that are tuned to the same frequency. Given that cycles of common period are found pervading many different disciplines, perhaps an explanation may be found in resonance. An example is the 160 minute (and associated 80 minute cycle) cycle, found in biological systems, outer planetary spacings, the rotation rates of planets, asteroids and binary stars, solar oscillation and flux and galactic cores. A cosmic pervading...