Section 8 in San Diego

submitted by: J-rizzle

Case study of the Section 8 program in the San Diego area. Researched where Section 8 participants are concentrated and what their characteristics are. Interviews were conducted with 35 residents living in buildings owned by the SDHC, which administrates Section 8 locally. Although reviews were mostly good, several people complained about maintenance response times and mice.

Comparative Analysis of What Foods Enter the Home

submitted by: Brittany

My video describes my research. I focused on foods that enter the home in hopes of finding why parents purchase certain foods.

Get Real! Science S.T.A.R.S. 2009 Blue Team

submitted by: Turkett
S.T.A.R.S. (Students Tackling Authentic and Relevant Science) is an after-school all girl's science club that provides authentic scientific inquiry investigation experiences that relate to real-world problems. The program highlights a strong social justice issue of females in science, and promotes the opportunity for 7th to 9th grade female students to participate as and realize they are scientists. This program took place in Rochester, NY at East High School and Wilson Foundation. (Movie...

The Correlation between Traffic Management System Implementation and Community Demographics.

submitted by: Benario

This study outlines and examines the location and the placement of traffic management systems, specifically “Red-light Cameras” within the San Diego region in relation to racial, ethnic, and socio economic demographics. Current research on such traffic management systems suggest that cities may enact systems simply for their financial incentives, targeting communities that contain the most profitable demographics.