Smart Growth Effectiveness In San Diego

submitted by: Tdtu

A research project that looks into Smart Growth policy effectiveness in one of San Diego's policy implementation sites. The effectiveness indicators used are derived from literature and are economic, political, and transportation related in nature. GIS map analyzation and SANDAG document examination was done to provide insight upon these aspects, as well as to answer the research question.

Public Perspective of SDMTS in Mission Valley TOD

submitted by: Dayton100
This research addresses the question by finding the reasons of the disproportionate transportation users between automobiles and other means of transportation, specifically public transportation. Findings show SDMTS trolley system to be successful, yet main improvements need to be focused on with the bus system. Few suggestions from analyzing survey results, case studies, and personal observation include ensuring quicker service with the bus system, minimizing wait times, creating maps that...

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A Transition Towards Smarter Growth

submitted by: jlgarber

In 2002, the California Department of Transportation published a study, Statewide Transit-Oriented Development Study: Factors for Success in California. This study analyzed all of the TODs in California and presented recommendations for California on how to improve future developments. The premise of my study was to find a correlation between the Caltrans study, policy changes in San Diego, and recommendations to the state.

New Urbanism, an Experiment or a Practical Approach?

submitted by: judychau

Conformation of Americans to their vehicles has caused a great amount of congestion and problems in the urban infrastructure, in which New Urbanism claims to relieve. This project questions the effectiveness of New Urbanist theories and presents a realistic understanding of transit oriented development in relationship with the American lifestyle.

Market Creek Plaza: Walkable or Not?

submitted by: jkayres

An Assessment of Walkability Audits, their Results, and their Impact on Future Development

Smart growth and new urbanism

submitted by: kpezzoli

Mentored by Michael Stepner students Lisa Chau, Juliet Oh, Willy Staley and Danny Yunpresent their work on "Smart growth and new urbanism" for the grand challenge "Sustainable Design of Buildings & Urban‐Ecological Landscapes" for the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project 1.2.2. For more information please see: