Insights On Electronic Energy Transfer In Organic Materials From Single Molecule Spectro-electrochemistry And Other Single Molecules

submitted by: icamvid

John Grey gives a talk at the ICAMET 07 conference about the migration of singlet exitons by electronic energy transfer (quasi-chromophores).

Oz BODYCON - I Want U feat. Hanna Great

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First single by Oz BODYCON & Hanna Great

The Electric Molecule - The story about SINGLE

submitted by: Nano-Science Center
A video describing the SINGLE project. SINGLE is a project supported by the 7th framework programme for research and technological development (FP7) of the European Union. The research project is a collaborative project - a small / medium scaled focused research project (STREP) on how to couple charge transport to internal degrees of freedom at the single molecule level. The project will be carried out by a collaboration of these institutions, coordinated by Prof. Thomas Bjørnholm of...