Regional Climate Simulations: Current Performance, Key Challenges, Fundamental Importance of their Coupling with End User Models

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Presentation by Dr. Volker Wulfmeyer, Professor, University of Hohenheim, Germany. Delivered during the International Conference on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Food and Environmental Security, November 21-22, 2012 at SEARCA, UPLB, College, Laguna, Philippines.

Science Nation - Super Stars

submitted by: nsf
Who are the biggest super stars in the universe? For Adam Burrows, an astrophysics professor at Princeton University, it's not who, but "what," and they are far from Hollywood, or even earth, for that matter. Burrows would tell you biggest super stars are the stars that die in a massive explosion called a "supernova." With support from the National Science Foundation, Burrows investigates supernovae and he has recently created 3D computer simulations showing the actual moment of a star's...

Biomolecular Dynamics and Function

submitted by: icamvid

Samir Kumar Pal gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about simulations of biomolecular dynamics and function

Epigenomics of Cancer - Prof. Wei Li (Part 1, 2009)

submitted by: ralanharris

Prof. Wei Li lectures on studies of transcription factor binding sites and histone modifications using ChIP-chip and Chip-seq assays. Part of the Computer Aided Discovery Methods 2009 course offered at Baylor College of Medicine.

Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

submitted by: Maxim_Sukharev

2D cut of complete 3D simulations of gold tip and gold surface (tip-to-surface distance is 10 nm) excited by a laser pulse at 652 nm. Laser pulse propagates towards the screen and is polarized along tip's longer axis. Intensity is plotted in logarithmic scale and is normalized to it's maximum. Maximum intensity enhancement in this example is 4 orders of magnitude.