Oligosaccharide-Induced Whey-Specific CD25+ Regulatory T-Cells Are Involved in the Suppression of Cow Milk Allergy in Mice

submitted by: Bastiaan
Dietary intervention with a unique prebiotic nondigestible carbohydrate mixture has been shown to reduce the development of allergic disease in infants at risk. In this study, the involvement of CD25+ regulatory T-cells (Treg) in the carbohydrate-induced effects was investigated in mice orally sensitized with whey using adoptive transfer experiments. Donor mice were sensitized with whey and fed a diet containing short-chain galacto-, long-chain fructo- and acidicoligosaccharides, or a...
Authors: Bastiaan Schouten, Betty Van esch, Gerard Hofman, Louis Boon, Leon Knippels, Linette Willemsen, Johan Garssen