New directions in collaborations between HPWREN and Native Americans

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This video describes expanded collaborations between HPWREN and Native Americans in the areas of environmental sensors and high-resolution network cameras, via the Southern California Tribal Digital Village network. Additional considerations include and increased focus on green energy, by augmenting solar powered sites with wind generators. More information:

Wireless Sensor Networks for Ecology

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AbstractField biologists and ecologists are starting to open new avenues of inquiry at greater spatial and temporal resolution, allowing them to “observe the unobservable” through the use of wireless sensor networks. Sensor networks facilitate the collection of diverse types of data (from temperature to imagery and sound) at frequent intervals—even multiple times per second—over large areas, allowing ecologists and field biologists to engage in intensive and expansive sampling and to...
Authors: John Porter, Peter Arzberger, Hans-werner Braun, Pablo Bryant, Stuart Gage, Todd Hansen, Paul Hanson, Chau-chin Lin, Fang-pang Lin, Timothy Kratz, William Michener, Sedra shapiro and thomas Williams