Embryonic stem-cell-preconditioned microenvironment induces loss of cancer cell properties in human melanoma cells

submitted by: cmjones
The cancer microenvironment affects cancer cell proliferation and growth. Embryonic stem (ES)-preconditioned 3-dimensional (3-D) culture of cancer cells induces cancer cell reprogramming and results in a change in cancer cell properties such as differentiation and migration in skin melanoma. However, the mechanism has not yet been clarified. Using the ES-preconditioned 3-D microenvironment model, we provide evidence showing that the ES microenvironment inhibits proliferation and...
Authors: M. o. Kim, S. h. Kim, N. Oi, M. h. Lee, D. h. Yu, D. j. Kim, E. j. Cho, A. m. Bode, Y. y. Cho, T. g. Bowden, Z. Dong