New, smaller PMIC chip - CES 2015

submitted by: nsf
A significant amount of real estate inside your cell phone is taken up by a chip called a power management integrated circuit (PMIC). The chip delivers power from the battery to different areas within the phone, an efficient but bulky system. Now, NSF-funded small business Lion Semiconductor has designed a chip that is two to three times smaller than existing ones. A smaller chip means more room for a bigger battery – and longer battery life – or a thinner, smaller device. Wonyoung...

New Paradigm for Solar Energy Conservation Using Semiconductor Nanocrystals

submitted by: icamvid

Victor Kumon gives a talk at the ICAMET 07 conference about the application of carrier multiplication (generatio of multiple electron pairs by a single photon) to solar energy.

Humidity Dependence of Charge Transport in Melanin

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Bernard Mostert gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference proposing that at ambient conditions melanin is not an organic semiconductor and that protons are the charge carrier.

Topological Insulators and Superconductors

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Shoucheng Zhang presents a class of insulators that operate on topology, superconductors, and the search for new states of matter.
Presented at the ICAM Annual Conference in January 2010.

Imaging Localized and Extended Electronic States

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Visualizing properties of semiconductors through Quantum Hall Systems.
Presented at the ICAM Annual Conference, January 2010.