Topsail Turtles

submitted by: dehartclark
Topsail Island, North Carolina is a northern nesting beach of threatened Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Here the residents have helped protect the turtles that visit the island during the nesting season. Beach walkers watch for turtle nests, pick up trash and report injured turtles. The island commerce has decided not to import new sand like most beaches, so the composition of the sand for incubation of turtle eggs doesn't change. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center...

Green Sea Turtle

submitted by: Vegas51

A Green Sea Turtle munching on some vegetation and going about his business. This was filmed on July 8th, 2008 while snorkeling off the cliffs of Punta Vicente Roca in the Galapagos, just a few miles south of the equator.