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Ethical Artificial Intelligence

submitted by: JohnLaMuth
A revolution in the understanding and implementation of an artificially intelligent virtuous computer concerning the recently issued U.S. patent entitled: Inductive Inference Affective Language Analyzer Simulating Artificial Intelligence (patent No. 6,587,846) by inventor/author John E. LaMuth M. S. As implied in its title, this innovation is the 1st affect- ive language analyzer incorporating ethical/motivational terms, serving in the role of interactive computer interface. It...

Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness

submitted by: JohnLaMuth
Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness through an overall communicational dynamic. The communicational factors underlying mental illness remain one of mankind's most enduring mysteries. Mental illness is primarily regarded as a physical disorder or a chemical imbalance, although clear-cut signs within the brain have eluded convincing documentation. Indeed, the most obvious outward signpost is a disturbance in the ability to communicate in an interpersonal sense, often in an exaggerated or...