Volume Visualization and Compositing on Large Scale Displays Using Handheld Touchscreen Interaction

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KAUST graduate student, Cristhopper Armenta Gastelum, describes his research.

Molecular Visualization in CORNEA: Solar Cell & Chemical Science Data

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Solar Cell Data provided by: Dr. Michael McGehee, Stanford University & Dr. Aram Amassian, KAUST
Chemical Science Data provided by: Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi, KAUST
This is a silent short clip intended for use at the KAUST SIGGRAPH booth in a series of video loops played during the convention.
Molecular Visualization in CORNEA: Solar Cell & Chemical Science Data
This is part of a series of short demo clips to be played in the KAUST SIGGRAPH booth.

Multi-language video playback using beam forming

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This is a multi-language audio demo used at the KAUST SIGGRAPH booth. For the full effect of the audio demonstration, this video was be available for preview in the KAUST booth at SIGGRAPH 2011. The demonstration used beam-forming to control the electroacoustic architecture of dialog in both english and arabic languages spatially in a designated area. Arabic listeners could stand a few feet away from english listeners and watch the same visuals comfortably without hearing the other...

Models and Simulations of a Nanosphere: KCC1

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Dr. Madhu Srinivasan, CG Developer at KAUST Visualization Laboratory generated 3D models and animations to visually simulate the first nanoparticle developed by KAUST Catalysis Center. KCC1 is the first Nanoparticle developed by KAUST Catalysis Center. Director of KAUST Catalysis Center, Dr. Jean-Marie Basset, Senior Research Scientist at KCC, Dr. Vivek Polshettiwar, and Dr. Dongkyu Cha of the Advanced Nanofabrication Imaging & Characterization Core Laboratory discuss the details of...

Music and Your Brain

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KAUST Professor Pierre Magistretti, Dean of the Chemical, Life Sciences and Engineering (CLSE) Division discusses an experimental study of neural activity using electro-physical recordings of pianists with one objective to find patterns or clues to better understand synchrony and creativity. For the KAUST Winter Enrichment Program Class, Lab to Film: Story-telling in Science we created this video to test the student equipment and discover any technical challenges that participants would...

Cellular and Functional Optical Coherence Tomography of the Human Retina (The Cogan Lecture)

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An imaging modality that allows for fast, simultaneous, noninvasive probing of both three-dimensional (3D) cellular resolution retinal morphology and depth-resolved function could substantially improve the early diagnosis of various retinal diseases that are the leading causes of blindness worldwide and could contribute to a better understanding of retinal pathogenesis and enhanced therapy monitoring. In addition to user friendliness, reliability, and cost, the key technological parameters...
Authors: Wolfgang Drexler

Science Digest - The Lost Episode - Astronaut

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Quirky Science Digest Host Mathew Arden interviews Astronaut Chuck Malone in this Lost Pilot episode.

We dug up the lost pilot episode of Science Digest from 1981! Check out Mathew Arden's insightful and hilarious interview with Astronaut Chuck Malone about the moon, space travel, gravity, fame and coming
home. Enjoy!

Science Digest Episode 4 - Particle Guy

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Quirky Science Digest Host Mathew Arden interviews Particle Physicist Dr. Geoffrey Yale.

Galileo Players latest episode of Science
Digest features Galileo founder and Second City's own Matt Hovde and Second City alumnus John Hildreth. Enjoy!