Synaptic Land - The Movie

submitted by: KidsJudgePartnership
The story of how two behavioral neuroscience graduate students from Oregon Health & Science University conceived and constructed the very first "Synaptic Land", a game that helps kids learn about processes involved in neurotransmission. Since its debut at the Oregon Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair held at OMSI in 2002, undergraduate and graduate students at many other universities have created their own versions of the Synaptic Land game (e.g., PENN, University of Scranton, California...

Would You Like to Be a Scientist?

submitted by: KidsJudgePartnership

Third and fourth grade children were asked "Would you like to be a scientist when you grow up?" We documented their answers before and after their participation as judges in a Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair held at California State University, Los Angeles. Kids Judge! Science Fairs are special in that children evaluate how well scientists communicate scientific concepts in a manner that is both engaging and easy to understand.

wisskomm tv 27/08

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" The Inner Life of a Cell ": Ein Video des Harvard-Professors Robert Lue bei "Studio Daily" - Das Video in Langfassung mit Kommentar bei Harvard - David Bolinsky bei den TED-Talks - "Mediale Produktion": Eine neue E-Learning-Plattform aus Holzminden - Das " Murmeltierbuch " aus Braunschweig und die Texte im Web - Die " Science Fair " in Berlin und die " Science Bridge " aus Kassel - Das 2. Europäische Wissenschaftsfilm-Festival - Schnellfilmfest: Die...