San Diego Science Festival -- Nifty Fifty -- Dr. John Stuelpnagel

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Dr. John Stuelpnagel discusses genomics with students from Lewis Middle School.

San Diego Science Festival -- Nifty Fifty -- Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor

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Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor discusses epidemics with students at Montgomery Middle School.

San Diego Science Festival -- Commercial

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Commercial running at local SHell stations

San Diego Science Festival -- Nifty Fifty -- Dr. Javier Movellan

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Dr. Javier Movellan speaks to students of Sacred Heart Middle School about machine intelligence.

San Diego Science Festival -- Nifty Fifty -- Dr. Sara Mednick

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Dr. Sara Mednick describes the science of napping at Standley Middle School.

San Diego Science Festival -- Lunch with a Laureate -- Dr. Kurt Withrich

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Nobel Laureate Kurt Wuthrich joins students of High Tech High - Chula Vista in an informal Q&A.

San Diego Science Festival -- Festival Program -- Dumbledore's Transconfiguration Class -- Dr. Alan McCormack

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Learn about the Science of the Magic of Harry Potter with Dr. Alan McCormack. This Festival Program was a teacher training program geared at exciting kids by integrating the science behind the some of the magic of their favorite movie Harry Potter.

Germ Proof Your Kids MWV26

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Parents are often presented with conflicting messages about germs and cleanliness. On the one hand, the news headlines warn us about dangerous "superbugs." On the other hand, there is growing concern that over-cleaning and excessive hygiene may weaken children's immune systems. Fortunately, there is real, vetted science available to help us understand how to best protect, without overprotecting, our kids. In episode 26 of MicrobeWorld Video, we talk with Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of Germ...

Modeling a science project video

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HS students created a model of a science project video as challenge for other students. From brainstorming ideas to making conclusions based on evidence.


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