How Insulin Works

submitted by: trevbt

Scientific American entry for Iron Egg Head demonstrating how insulin works in the body.


Let's Split Mitosis-Style

submitted by: Destroyer501

I, Harold, am playing as a student who got home late and needs to work on a paper for mitosis. As I am working, I realize that I am too tired and need to rest. While I'm leaving I spill my cup and out falls all the materials required in the video onto my paper, displaying some stages of mitosis. While I'm resting, I have a dream of myself rapping about mitosis, explaining some steps and elements of the process.

The Eyes Have It!

submitted by: sciencefactory

How do muscles make our eyes move in so many directions? Educators at the Science Factory museum in Eugene, Oregon have produced this two-minute video that explains our amazing eye muscles. This video is an entry in Scientific American's "Iron Egghead" competition.

The Adrenal Glands - SciAm2012

submitted by: RalucaEllis

A humorous and educational look at the function of the adrenal glands.

Sliding Filament Theory

submitted by: MJSHS

High School students creatively describe how the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction works.