Disparities in Public Education and Resource Applicability to Low-Income Public Schools

submitted by: SarahSnook
In our San Diego community, we see huge education disparities, particularly when comparing schools north and south of Interstate 8 to each other. Specifically, this project addresses the factors that it takes to make a low-income, urban school in San Diego successful and if those program and/or funding models are appropriate and applicable for general use. This research contributes to the literature on case studies of urban schools, in hopes of highlighting inequity of funding versus need in...

Public Education

submitted by: Carolyn James

The purpose of this study was to determine why Black and Latino students in California drop out of high school at substantially higher rates than those of any other ethnic group. Surveys were distributed to students who graduated from high school, students who did not graduate, parents of both groups of students, and administrators at schools with high minority populations to determine reasons for the high drop out rates.