Scale, the Economy, and Decarbonization

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Roger Pielke, Jr., University of Colorado at Boulder

Hyrdation Dynamics and Time Scales of Coupled Water-Protein Fluctuations

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Dongping Zhong gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about dynamical ordered water (conformational flexibility) and the dynamics of protein-water interactions.

An Accelerated View of Functional Dynamics in Bio-Molecular Systems

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Phineus Markwick gives a talk at the RPP08 conference long time-scale MD simulations of protein dynamics. He discusses experiments using dipolar coupling to probe the protein dynamics. From these he shows how to build a simulation.

Amgen’s Lowe on QbD, Process Scale and Standardization for Biopharma

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Scale is a function of patient requirements and manufacturing productivity, says Amgen scientific executive director Duncan Lowe. Where QbD’s impact will be felt more is in facilitating equipment and knowledge transfer across sites. Gary Ritchie gets the Lowe-down in this IFPAC 2009 interview.