SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Gary Peterson

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The Enigmatic Satellites of Saturn Gary Peterson Professor Emeritus Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Saturn, everyone's favorite planet, is the second-largest of the outer giant gas planets and has the lowest density (0.7) of any planet. The others gas planets are about 1.5. In addition, Saturn has the largest satellite (Titan) in the Solar System. Titan is about the same size as Mercury of the inner Solar System. How can this be? It is suggested that...

European Heart Journal- My Cardio Interview: U. Landmesser with S. Nicholls on SATURN

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U. Landmesser in conversation with S. Nicholls: SATURN- Comparison of the Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis for Two High Efficacy Statin Regimens with Different HDL Effects

The Outer Planets

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Professors Gary Flandro and Bruce Murray discuss turning a journey to the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune a possibility.Plotting a trip to the outer planets.


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Voyager II, a NASA spacecraft, demystifies Saturns's rings; Further analysis of dust particle patterns (called spokes) on space images of the planet lead to the conclusion that the spokes move with Saturn's magnetic field and not sporadically.A look back at Voyager II's incredible images of Saturn.

Space Week: Space Station and Beyond, Part 2

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An overview of the advantages of explorations of the planet Mars, and the commitment it entails.A Mars mission will be an expensive, long-term endeavor, but it's a dream that inspires the next generation of space explorers.