Disparities in Public Education and Resource Applicability to Low-Income Public Schools

submitted by: SarahSnook
In our San Diego community, we see huge education disparities, particularly when comparing schools north and south of Interstate 8 to each other. Specifically, this project addresses the factors that it takes to make a low-income, urban school in San Diego successful and if those program and/or funding models are appropriate and applicable for general use. This research contributes to the literature on case studies of urban schools, in hopes of highlighting inequity of funding versus need in...

What's For Dinner? Assessing Food Sources in the Diamond District of Southeastern San Diego

submitted by: a6gel

Food justice in Southeast San Diego. Demographics, household income, asset maps of food sources and survey results of resident interviews.

Carlsbad Desalination: Understanding public and political perceptions in converting ocean water into fresh water

submitted by: melissareyes
After ten years of planning, the Carlsbad Desalination project began its construction in 2009 in an effort to increase fresh water access and availability. Unfortunately, the desalination of ocean waters has spurred a debate within the categories of environmental impacts, costs, benefits, and efficiency. This paper identifies the social and political processes that enabled the Carlsbad Desalination project to be adopted and implemented. This study investigates and examines the debate if...

Developing Efficient and Sustainable Transportation Systems in San Diego

submitted by: erickserrano
As the world continues to develop and resources continually become scarce, alternatives to sustain the American way of life have become more important than ever. The American transportation system has become increasingly dependent on one mode of transportation, the personal automobile. Throughout the 20th century the American transit system of the postwar boom developed in favor of the automobile, especially in the sprawling cities of the west coast, like San Diego. The developed...

The Pros and Cons of Rainwater Catchment in San Diego

submitted by: sbluong
Currently, the Southern California Metropolitan Water District and San Diego Water Authority provide rebates for high-efficiency water appliances in single homes in San Diego as an incentive to reduce drought and the city’s dependence on imported water. However, these agencies do not provide rebates for rainwater catchment (RWC) system, a known alternative water-saving method that is practical and widely studied. This research examines the differences between investing in rainwater...

Professional Sports, Relocation, and Urban Planning

submitted by: favila

This video involves the attempt of the San Diego Chargers to move Qualcomm Stadium to a new location in the downtown/East Village area of San Diego. It explains the conclusions I've come to regarding whether or not a new stadium downtown would positively help redevelopment efforts in the area. I explain a case study I used in the project as well as surveys I've conducted to come to my conclusion.

Inheriting Sustainability: Problems of Induction, the Individual and the Architect

submitted by: cpegg

This video briefly summarizes an undergraduate research project that examined potential consequences to sustainability stemming from demographic change in the San Diego Region. This video presents a brief look at some of the findings of this study, including some results from a survey of regional architects' opinions regarding demographic changes and the effects which these changes may have on the design requirements and sustainability of current housing designs.

Evaluation of an Educational Program for Women and Pharmacists on Safe Use of Medications During Pregnancy and Lactation

submitted by: KuoOffice

To increase the awareness of CTIS services for pharmacists and consumers

Implementing Rainwater Harvesting: The City of San Diego's Efforts

submitted by: Elliot_Seeto

An investigation into what exactly the City of San Diego is doing regarding rainwater harvesting infrastructure.

Universal Design

submitted by: andredametz

Housing for People with Disabilities, the spatial analysis of Southcrest Neighborhhod in National City; an area that has the highest concentration of disabled residents and elderly in San Diego County.