Charlie Chromeleon Quest: Land of Ion Day 1 Pittcon 2015

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Check out this video of Charlie Chromeleon in the lab as he gets ready for his scientific adventure at #Pittcon2015. You can follow Charlie each day at #Pittcon2015 as he discovers answers to sample prep, separation, detection, & software challenges:

Increasing Speed of UHPLC-MS Analysis of Vitamin D for Research Use

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Sarah Fair presents her scientific poster about removing manual pipetting from the analysis of vitamin D metabolites, testosterone and cortisol using the accuracy and precision of the Thermo Scientific Platemate Pipetting Workstation. Using the automated system offered significant time savings and passed all acceptance criteria for the compounds tested.

Detection of rHuEPOs in Horse Plasma Samples at Low pgmL Levels using High-Resolution MS Strategies

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Madalina Oppermann presents her scientific poster about improving the detection and quantification limits for the analysis of recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPOs) in horse plasma for doping control using the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive mass spectrometer. The results show the promise of nano-LC-MS/MS analysis on a high-resolution Orbitrap mass analyzer confirm and quatify the rHuEPO target peptides in a single analytical run, with high specificity, sensitivity and resolution.

High Resolution Screening and Quantitative Analysis of Antibiotics in Drinking Water

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Jonathan Beck discusses online sample pre-concentration and extraction of water samples followed by analysis with high-resolution, accurate mass (HR/AM) detection, quantitation and confirmation. Screening, confirmation and quantitation of antibiotics in drinking water was done in the same analytical run with the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap platform.

Human Cell-Free Expression System Generates Stable-Isotope-Labeled Protein Standards for Mass Spec

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

John Rogers presents his scientific poster about human cell-free expression system for the production of stable-isotope-labeled (heavy) proteins using HeLa cell lysates. Six different stable-isotope-labeled proteins were produced. Isotope incorporation efficiency of greater than 95% was observed for IVT reactions.

EPA 525.2 for the Analysis of Organic Contaminants in Water (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
This webinar reviews EPA Method 525.2 (SPE-GC-MS method) for the analysis of organic contaminants in drinking water. In order to achieve the low detection limits, water samples are extracted and concentrated prior to injection into the GC-MS. Automated systems remove the laborious, less accurate steps of vacuum systems and at the same time, save solvent and cost less overall. Speakers: Beau Sullivan (Santa Clara Valley Water District), Richard Jack (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Visit...

New Approaches for Analysis of Amino Acids by Liquid Chromatography (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
The focus of this webinar is to help laboratories evaluate different approaches to high-speed amino acid analysis with liquid chromatography with regard to speed of analysis, sample preparation requirements, matrix elimination requirements, sensitivity, and cost per analysis. Examples from nutrition science and fermentation technology are discussed. Speakers: Andreas Dunkel (Technische Universität München), Frank Steiner (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For more information, visit:...

Optimizing Carbohydrate, Glycan and Sialic Acid analysis using HPAE-PAD (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
This webinar provides an overview on how to implement high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAE-PAD) to obtain optimal sensitivity and separations for glycan and sialic analysis. Overviews of the technology, column selectivity, sample analysis, implementation, and performance optimization are presented along with examples of oligosaccharides from proteins highlighting the benefits of HPAE-PAD for your laboratory. Speakers: Bill LaCourse...

Food Safety: IC and LC Analysis of Food and Beverages for Contaminants (Webinar)

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PepsiCo has developed ion chromatography (IC) and ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) methods to analyze anion and oxyhalide contaminants in water, which are classified as health risks by the World Health Organization. This webinar provides an overview of how to obtain optimal sensitivity and separations when analyzing for food and beverage contaminants and toxic substances. Speakers: Elizabeth Hobbs (PepsiCo), Marcus Martin (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Deepali Mohindra (Thermo...

Revolutionary Advancement in Membrane Filtration Sample Preparation for Biotech Industry

submitted by: putnamr2
Photonic BioSystems, Inc. unveils game-changing microbiological testing technology. The versatile, enclosed filtration cartridge-based sample preparation technique is expected to change the paradigm of membrane filtration sample testing. Video Contents: 0:00 Filter system design explained 1:50 How the filtration system works: exemplary sample processing 4:40 Small volume samples 5:55 The filter system does what In-line filter cartridges cannot do 7:20 Variations on the...