Sprint & Verizon Express Card Showdown! See video of all 4

submitted by: MoreMobile
We compare the Verizon Kyocera KPC680 and Novatel V740 Expresscards vs the Sprint Novatel EX720 and the Sierra 597E

Video Comparison of the UM175 & USB727 for Verizon.

submitted by: MoreMobile compares the UTStarcom UM175 and the Novatel USB727 USB Mobile Broadband modems. See which one best fits your needs. Both are Free at More Mobile Internet.

Free Pantech UM175 USB Card for Verizon Video Review

submitted by: MoreMobile reviews the UTStarcom UM175 USB mobile broadband modem.

Free Verizon Novatel USB727 Mobile Broadband Demo

submitted by: MoreMobile reviews the Novatel USB727 from Verizon. The pros and cons of this card are revealed.

Richard Smith on Dimensions of Learning

submitted by: aldreds
Richard Smith talks about the challnges of students in the Queensland schools and the benefits of the DoL (Dimensions of Learning ) program in education.

Richard Smith on Dimensions of Learning

Talk by Hal Pashler

submitted by: dougramsey
Hal Pashler talks about the correlation between the time periods elapsed between review of information (study gaps) and the time frame for retaining that information, as well as the implications of this study in education.