Phased Electrodynamic Thruster - Safe Nuclear Propulsion in Space

submitted by: MFerreiraJr

Electrodynamic liftoff and propulsion with RF in quadrature for sequential FTL phase variation in order to warp spacetime for generating thrust force in a more energy-efficient way than conventional expelling-mass rockets.

Relative Primitives

submitted by: SirZerp
This video was made to test out a relativistic version of Direct Coulomb Summation and is intended to be displaying fields of different moving charge configurations. Coulomb’s Law is well defined and also that inverse square fields propagate at the speed of light is well known. Hence why not put both into the same equation. In general, the video uses Coulomb's law to compute an observational cube of data. The dataset is then sent to a ray tracer which produces the images in the...

Relativistic Phase Displacement Space Drive - Warping Space Time with Phased Standing Waves

submitted by: MFerreiraJr

It is a brief explanation about a relativistic space propulsion system which uses a lattice/matrix of Phase Displacement Space Drives, producing crisscrossing pattern of Phased Standing Waves, to generate a sequence of spinning waves for causing a FTL moving force, in order to warp spacetime, enabling fast interstellar travel in an energy-efficient way.