Electrostatics and long-range coupling in Src kinase activation

submitted by: icamvid

Carol Post gives a talk at the RPP08 conference on Src, a mechanism of conformational activation. She covers two topics regarding it Src:
1) Switched electrostatic network
2) long-range coupling of regulatory SH2/SH3 and catalytic domain

It’s easy to get lost on the biological superhighway. Thankfully, we brought a map.

submitted by: dabraham
Biological annotations and terms have gotten a makeover with RGD’s interactive pathway diagrams. The Rat Genome Database makes biological pathways and their components easy to navigate and analyze through this newly added diagrams feature at http://rgd.mcw.edu/wg/pathway?100 . This video will show you how to easily access, view, and gather information from these diagrams and all the great tools they offer. See our RGD website at http://rgd.mcw.edu for more information and tools for...