Smart Growth Effectiveness In San Diego

submitted by: Tdtu

A research project that looks into Smart Growth policy effectiveness in one of San Diego's policy implementation sites. The effectiveness indicators used are derived from literature and are economic, political, and transportation related in nature. GIS map analyzation and SANDAG document examination was done to provide insight upon these aspects, as well as to answer the research question.

Rural Transportation in Metropolis

submitted by: Dillon

Displays the findings from the San Diego Association of Government's Rural Transportation "Key Stakeholder" Survey

Transportation in Rio de Janeiro: Sustainable Development and the 2016 Olympic Games

submitted by: mpashayi
Sustainability in developing countries is an issue gaining an increasing interest from the international community. This research project examines the upcoming development in Rio de Janeiro as the 2016 Olympic Games catalyze major urban changes to its physical environment. The study focuses on transportation planning and how the population will be affected as the federal, state, and municipal governments work with private companies to implement projects that improve the current...