Development of transgenic papaya with delayed ripening characteristics containing the ACC oxidase gene via Agrobacterium-mediation

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Report on the continuing development of a transgenic papaya with delayed ripening characteristics containing the antisense ACC oxidase gene. Significant accomplishments include the gene construct for transformation, characterization of the construct containing the antisense ACC oxidase gene, generation of generate somatic embryos which were transformed by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and the regeneration of putative transgenic plants. Dr. Pablito M. Magdalita Crop Science Cluster College...

The Problem of Regeneration: Part 3: Molecular Basis of Regeneration: Planarians as a Model System (43:54)

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In the third and last part of this lecture, I will introduce the model system we have developed to study animal regeneration, the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea. I will review its anatomy, and the biological attributes that make these animals extraordinarily well suited to dissect the molecular and cellular basis of regeneration. I will also discuss recent work from my laboratory aimed at identifying molecules associated with regenerative capacities.

The Problem of Regeneration: Part 2: Principles of Planarian Regeneration (32:49)

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In this second part of the lecture, I will briefly review the rich history of planarian research, followed by a summary of the central principles of planarian regeneration that have been derived from this extensive, often fascinating body of experimental work.

The Problem of Regeneration - Part 1: A Brief (Natural) History of Regeneration (32:38)

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Regeneration has fascinated philosophers and scientists since the beginning of history. The wide but uneven distribution of regenerative capacities among multicellular organisms is puzzling, and the permissive/inhibitory mechanisms regulating this attribute in animals remain a mystery. In the first part of this lecture, I will provide a general history of regeneration research from ancient Greece to the beginning of the 20th century. Key concepts will be introduced in their appropriate...