Patches and Haplotypes in the Human Genome

submitted by: gspudich

Why are patches included in Ensembl? How is it possible to view a patch alongside the primary sequence? We explore the current human genome (GRCh37) in this video.

100 Years of Houben-Weyl and Science of Synthesis

submitted by: thomaskrimmer

Video about the development of Houben-Weyl, the major reference work in organic methodology. With interviews of Professors Sharpless, Noyori, and Schaumann as well as publisher Hauff, owner of Thieme Publishing Group.

Array CGH Computational Lab - Chris Miller

submitted by: ralanharris

An introduction to computational methods for analyzing Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization data by Chris Miller. This was presented as a lab within the Computer Aided Discovery Methods course offered within the Graduate Program at Baylor College of Medicine.