Electrostatics and long-range coupling in Src kinase activation

submitted by: icamvid

Carol Post gives a talk at the RPP08 conference on Src, a mechanism of conformational activation. She covers two topics regarding it Src:
1) Switched electrostatic network
2) long-range coupling of regulatory SH2/SH3 and catalytic domain

Reconstruction of Alternative Splice Variants and Associated Abundances from Short Sequence Reads (CSHL Genome Informatics Conference 2008)

submitted by: micha
The FLUX CAPACITOR : next generation sequencing technologies provide an unprecedented capacity for surveying the nucleic acid content of cells. This profound sequencing depth may allow in particular for exhaustively sequencing through the large dyanimc range of RNA abundances in the cell, overcoming limitations imposed by current (random) clone selection approaches. However, the very short reads produced by the most cost-effective such technologies make the reconstruction of complete RNA...

Gene Expression Computational Lab - Chris Miller

submitted by: ralanharris

An introduction to computational methods for analyzing gene expression data by Chris Miller. This was presented as a lab within the Computer Aided Discovery Methods course offered within the Graduate Program at Baylor College of Medicine.