From Nanograms of DNA to Sequencer-Ready Libraries in under Two Hours

submitted by: epibio

An introduction to Nextera™ technology for preparing next-generation sequencing libraries. The talk was presented at the CHI XGen Congress (March 15-19, 2010) in San Diego, CA. The video describes how the technology works and presents data obtained from sequencing Nextera libraries on Roche 454 and Illumina sequencing platforms.

New Sequencing Technologies at JGI and Applications in Bioenergy Research

submitted by: dougramsey
The US DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) is a high throughput sequencing and genomic research center involved in a myriad of sequencing projects. JGI’s major effort is the sequencing of genomes and transcriptomes of plants, microbes and environmental metagenomic samples of relevance to the DOE missions of carbon sequestration, bioremediation and energy production. Roche/454’s platform utilizes emulsion PCR for template amplification and pyrosequencing technology on high well-density...