Skate Parks: Countercultural Communities Reclaiming Urban Public Space

submitted by: bpn003

The central focus of this study has attempted to deconstruct the idea of public space through an analysis of skate parks and the colonization of public space by youth and countercultural communities. The existing scholarly literature primarily concentrates on the architecture and spatial function of skate parks.

Public Space within a Dense Urban Center: A study of public spaces within the city of San Francisco

submitted by: ddowler
This study focuses on the development of public spaces within the city of San Francisco. Current research suggests that public space is one of contention, often spurring a great amount of discussion between public and private interests (Goheen 1998, 479). The study asks how each space is evaluated by using a fixed set of criteria. The objective of this study is threefold: (1) identify and examine privately owned public space versus publicly owned public space within the city of San...

The Privatization of the Public Realm: Downtown San Diego and the Commercialization of Public Space

submitted by: SDFriar1
With the opening of PETCO Park in 2004, and reinvestment within the community, Downtown San Diego has turned from a blighted community into a bustling center of activity. However, with the rapid ascent of residential and retail space, Downtown has seen an increase in the need for open space and widened public domain. The research presented in this case study examines the effects that privatization has had on the formation and transformation of public space in the Downtown San Diego community.